Motorbike versus Police
4.3 (86.03%) 156

We can say that it is the best motorracing game which we have published. At this Escape From the Police with 3D Motor game you can fall when you have an accident or when the Police crash you, you can fall off the motor and you can be caught by the Police. We can say that at this game you will see that the artificial intelligence is quite successful apart from some deficiency. You will try to escape from the Police on a huge map at Motorcycle VS Police Game. At the same time, you must pass defined points. And then you must find the hidden place and hide yourself there. It is hard to escape from the Police at many different sections. These Police’s artificial intelligence has improved so much and they don’t give up. And they predict where they can hit you.

Play : 2470 Plays

Date : 14 June 2016

Plugins For Game : Unity 3D Player