Dead Zed 2

Dead Zed 2

You must use your skill, cunning and combat skills to survive against zombie armies around the world. Stay alive and kill your zombies using your weapons. When you kill zombies, your anger bar rises steadily. Once this bar is full, you can enter anger mode and kill all the shots on your gun in one stroke.

Explore the world, collect resources and use your currency to buy upgrades. You can also meet other survivors and enter your gang to protect some areas or investigate new weapons and resources. Sometimes your fellow survivors may be attacked by zombies, but you can go and help them to recover from a certain death. This game has an incredible playability and you will find yourself immersed in a world of doomsday buried in this darkness. Have fun!


Game controls:



Swap weapons: Q

Rage mode: SPACE

Reload: R

Switch firing mode: F

Detonate remote bombs: 1/2/3


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