Parking Fury 3

Parking Fury 3

Didn't you find a parking space for your car in the city? Parking Fury 3 empty parking lot too! To find the right place for your car, go to the parking lot and don't forget to shake your fists behind the clumsy drivers who think it's a good decision to park in two areas! Complete each task in each level. Can you complete them all without having a small scratch on your vehicle? As a driver, your goal is to control the level of each vehicle and direct it to the parking area without damaging the vehicle. Unlike the previous games, Parking Fury has to face 3 nights and offers an additional challenge. The lights are on in your vehicles, but there are some small obstacles that you might miss.

Show that you can use a variety of vehicles, from cars to cars, even in tight spaces with Parking Fury 3. Don't forget to check previous games of Parking Fury and Parking Fury 2 series. Have fun!


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