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Knife Storm

Knife Storm lets you use different types of blades in 3 different games and have fun. 3 different game modes can be played both single and two people. In the “Classic” mode of the game, you must stab all knives on the tripods such as wood and fruit. Knives should not coincide with the top! The other mode in the game is “Shoot”, where you throw knives at the floating fruits; here you have to pay attention to avoid bombs and watch the time! In the third mode of the game, “Ninja” mode, trying to cut the fruits flying in the air with mouse movements com You can get more points if you make combolos by cutting the fruits at the same time. Again in this game mode you must pay attention to the bombs! If you cut the bombs the game is over! You can earn points and collect special knives by collecting apples in the game!

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