UNO Online

UNO Online

Welcome to the legendary Uno card game! You'll start the game with 7 cards and your only goal in the game is to finish the cards before your opponent. If you have a card of the same color, you can put a card on the floor, otherwise you will have to draw a card off the floor. Apart from these four-color cards, there are 5 extra cards in the game. These cards; 2 Take cards, Change Direction, Pass, Joker and Four Cards and Joker cards.

Receive 2 Cards: The player activating this card allows the next player to draw 2 cards and be banned from that game. Only the ground card can be opened to the same card.

Change Direction Card: Activate the Change Direction card to play the game in the opposite direction. For example, if you play from right to left, the game continues by playing from left to right. Only the ground card can be opened to the same card.

Hand Pass Card: The Hand Pass Card is a card that can only be placed on the floor if there is a hand pass card on the floor. Allows the next player not to play a hand.

Joker: The player who activates this card determines the card color of the game. It can be played on any card on the floor.

Get 4 Cards and Joker: When you open the card, you can both determine the color and cause the next player to draw 4 cards from the bank and lose the right to play one hand. Have fun!

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