Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings: War of Clans

Game review

Vikings: War of Clans is a browser-based strategy game in the world of Vikings. In the game you are fighting each other by forming kingdoms, armies and heroes as a Jarl.

The game uses the traditional but addictive kingdom-building model that we see in many other games of the same type. It also has a highly advanced progress system and a highly interesting hero system. Thanks to these systems, you can sail in more complex lanes as your adventure diversifies.

At the same time, thanks to the really great 3D animations, the Vikings: War of Clans is very good in terms of graphics and presentation. Our city is very lively and you can watch the city residents roam around, work in mines and farms ... In addition to this, the game has extremely pleasant and thematic play music and you "live" the atmosphere of the game in your city. However, this also has a little cost, because the duration of the game is quite long.

In general, we can say that Vikings: War of Clans is an extremely well-built browser-based strategy game. But it doesn't promise anything new to the experienced players of this genre. Nevertheless, the old style offers an extremely high quality and addictive battle experience for those looking for traditional game mechanics.

Lar Outlines:

2017 is a browser-based strategy game with the most classic game mechanics of the genre.

Great graphics built on the world of Vikings and satisfying atmosphere.

The system of progress in a highly advanced game that allows you to play in many different ways for strategy lovers.

You can play the game comfortably without having to pay the money, but it is also a fact that the paying users gain noticeable advantages.

Introduction to war

Plarium's latest browser-based combat strategy game Vikings: War of Clans is set in the cruel world of the Vikings. Like other games of this type, this game combines strategic city building mechanics that have been used many times before with MMO wars. When players first start their journey, they know the world of the Vikings with a comprehensive learning section that demonstrates very well how the mechanisms in the game work. Basically, players take on Jarl's role and control a variety of resources, building up their cities, preparing armies for war and plunder.

At first glance, you immediately understand why the game mechanics look familiar because the main goal in the game is to be the strongest player in a clan, either alone or in a clan, with the biggest army. But underneath the surface there are highly advanced progress systems that force players to plan their development strategically.


In this Viking game, the battle takes place in real time and you can watch your armies moving towards their destination on the map.

In general, you have two different areas of view to keep most of your time busy: the first is the city view, and the second is the global map view. Each city has its own specific coordinates; With these coordinates, you can plan their place on the global map and plan for war or diplomacy.

Players spend most of their time in the city view building buildings - for the production of resources, for the training of soldiers, for information gathering and city defense - and if they can play well, as a talented Jarl, their influence and status is increasing in the Viking world. Buildings can be improved to a higher level so that you can reach a better position in the training of the soldiers and in the production of resources. But all this depends on the level of the palace, so give priority to the palace.

On the global map, the real fun is hidden because when you go to the map view, you can see all the cities and free resources and attack these places and loot them.

Progress & Fight

Vikings's comprehensive and sophisticated systems are extremely impressive when it comes to progress in the game. Although the game uses the typical experience and level system for your Jarl, your hero and your city, it becomes a more interesting game thanks to the progressive pathways that are divided into multiple branches in technological research. Although it takes a lot of time to watch each branch and many sources, it is good to see that these paths are not just content. because by following these paths you can develop your soldiers, your city economy and many other things.

Excitement coefficient in the game thanks to the fighting mechanics is decreasing slightly. Turning war on neighboring cities is as easy as clicking on the global map; You can watch many different soldiers in real time by selecting them and going to your destination. The result of the collision determines the strength of the armies, the level of the city / hero / walls. It's a little disappointing not to see how the battle will occur while watching the journey of your soldiers through 3D animations towards their goals. Instead of experiencing the war, you get a message from the result of the battle to your mailbox, which includes some conflict statistics and knowledge of the spoils (if you have won).


The role of your heroes in accomplishing your empire is extremely important, and as with RPG games, you can overcome them and strengthen each one with the best tools and tools.

Turning war on neighboring cities is as easy as clicking on the global map; You can watch many different soldiers in real time by selecting them and going to your destination.

Even though it is not very comprehensive, you can enjoy the battle by focusing on other areas thanks to the simplicity of the combat system, especially by joining the clans or by creating new clans, which allows players to share resources with each other and help each other in terms of military unity.

Heroes Make a Difference

Vikings: Perhaps the most interesting item in the War of Clans is its extremely unique heroic system that brings a new breath to the genre. Each player has a hero who can gain experience with which he can set his features, and can level up in imperial buildings and battlefields. Heroes gain skill points, and these points can have an impact on the efficiency of your cities when there is no war or war on the armies. Apart from this, you can obtain transformable materials by attacking enemy cities, which your hero can wear and thus become more effective. This RPG element for a browser-based battle strategy game adds above all a beautiful depth to the game.

A Credible, Live World


The atmosphere in the game is really great!

Undoubtedly, Vikings: War of Clans is one of the best graphics games of the modern era. Your city is extremely lively and you can watch the city residents wander around, work in mines and farms. Players can see special effects in the options menu, and look great, with spectacular environmental changes and fascinating effects.

Vikings: War of Clans is one of the best graphics games of the modern era.

On the global map, it is really nice to watch the movement of your armies in 3D and to see that a routine is often boring in other games of this type. The creators of the Vikings seem to have pondered a lot about how the game should look and how it should feel, and this effort makes itself felt immediately: no browser-based strategy game gave much attention to detail. In addition, Viking-specific graphics and music also contribute to the game.

When the players have to wait at the construction / development phase or in the battles, the live community in the game also comes to the fore. The world chat box is an extremely lively and civilized place offering many clan invitations; In addition, there are messages that often contain recommendations for new players. The creators of the game also offer a system that rewards players in the game day and night to finish various quests and adventures to keep the community alive.


Vikings: We can easily say that War of Clans has a lot to offer to browser-based strategy lovers. Many of the things in the game have the potential to keep players busy happily, from familiar empire building and MMO combat mechanics to wonderful additions that intertwine knowledge trees and the hero system. This situation will benefit the active players in the long run. In short it is a highly addictive browser game Vikings.

From a graphical point of view, this game is undoubtedly one of the best games on the market, and its pleasant, thematic music makes a great contribution to its convincing atmosphere. While playing a browser game, the "immersiveness" of the game is never at the forefront, but it is quite enjoyable to see our city in 3D as our small city residents perform their daily work. While playing a browser-based strategy game, we feel like part of the game world for the first time, and this is definitely a very positive feature.

 It is quite enjoyable to zoom into our city and see our small city residents perform their daily work in 3D.

But the cash shop where everything is sold, such as speed boosters or additional resources, gives you the feeling that you need money to win the game. But in our experience no player is forced to spend money, which is extremely good. Other than that, it is not easy to find a flaw in the game. It's just loading very slowly when the game first starts; this situation can then be developed.

As a result Plarium offers a wonderful thematic strategy game to fans of genre through the Vikings: War of Clans. If you are looking for a traditional browser game that combines all the classic elements in the best way, don't look too far!