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Action Games

If you like games with high adrenaline, then our hundreds of different action games are waiting for you. In action games, which are based on eliminating the difficulties in the game, the control of a character is usually the players, and this character aims to get rid of all the dangers and obstacles in the game. In the meantime, many tasks must be completed.


What are Action Games?

The biggest contribution of action games to the players is the development of hand and eye coordination. In addition, these abilities should be used at the highest level in action games. In action games, the characters selected by the players must complete the required levels, overcome obstacles or destroy enemies.

In order to be successful in action games, players need to maintain a high level of concentration. In addition, quick and strong reactions and reflexes are the qualities sought for success in the game.

There are many sub-genres of action games. These sub-genres focus on different scenarios, puzzles and quests. For this reason, in order to be successful in action games, intellectual abilities must also be used.


History of Action Games

Action games date back to 1978. The console game, which is seen as the first action game, is Space Invaders. After the first step taken with this game, action games started to be developed at a great pace. Afterwards, the first generation of action games enthusiasts was created with Asteroids, published in 1979 in the fan gathering of action games, and Pacman, published in 1980, and Robotron 2084, one of the most popular of the first period action games, published in 1982. Later, The Legend of Zelda made a quick entrance to the world of action games and made the phenomena such as the research of the universe and fulfilling the missions, which were not included in action games before, become indispensable for action games.


Subgenres of Action Games

3d games

With these games that bring together 3 dimensions and adventure, the players feel themselves as a part of the game. Therefore, it is one of the most preferred sub-genres among action games.

Arcade games

If you are one of those who cannot give up nostalgia even in action games, then we can host you in our arcade games section, where you can find the most popular console games of the 80s and 90s. You can go on a journey back to that time of cult games with arcade games that are easy to learn and have simple controls.

Army Games

It doesn't matter whether you lead an entire army or just one tank. With our exciting army games, you will fight the most exciting and brave battles, and if you can plan the right strategy, you can even be the winner of the game.

Fun Games

Breathtaking journeys await you game lovers in these games that combine adventure and fun. With these games, you can find yourself in a fast race or as the captain of a spaceship launched into space.

Zombie Games

Extremely annoying, the zombies are not only extremely aggressive, but also constantly trying to take over the planet. You are the only people who can save the planet by stopping these attacks of zombies.

Keeping zombies under control is not as easy as it sounds. Moreover, the fear levels of some games are such that they can challenge even the most fearless. If you are a daring adventure lover then you should try one of our hundreds of zombie game options right away.


Play the Best Action Games Online and Free

With its fast-paced events and action-packed movements, action games keep the players on the edge of their chairs constantly, ensuring that their adrenaline levels are at their maximum. In shooting games, skills should be exhibited as well as adventure, while war games require intelligence as well as agility. For this reason, it is necessary to be aware that action games are not just about adventure. For this reason, it is one of the most popular and most played games on both smart devices and computers.


If Not Now When

There's no better time than now to jump into action games that promise endless fun as well as adventure. Whether you go against the world alone or destroy all the enemies with a friend. The choice is yours, the adventure is yours! Whichever of our games you choose, make sure that plenty of fun and action awaits at the end.


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Do not go to the next category without having a look at our challenging, fantastic and exciting action games! Neither your gender nor your age matters to have fun with this collection of games for all tastes. Hundreds of action-packed games that everyone from seven to seventy will love to play are waiting for you in this category.


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