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IO Games


These are games that can be played for free from web browsers. The difference of these games from other online games is that they are real-time and multi-player games. The most preferred theme of these games, which have the .io extension, which is the abbreviation for the Indian Ocean, is the games played by more than one player at the same time.


Gamers from all over the world participate in these games, which take place in a competitive environment, and the player who gets the highest score or completes the given tasks first wins the game.


How to Play Io Games?


A significant part of .IO games are based on consuming food, making characters stronger and more skilled and killing other players. Those who complete these tasks the fastest are at the top of the leaderboard.


First among the features of .IO games is a leaderboard where leaders are determined in an online and multiplayer arena.


Another feature of the games is that they have mechanics that make playing games possible for everyone. In addition, food must be consumed in order to grow, and these foods are often competitors.


Finally, .IO games are based on survival of the fittest. However, some games require cooperation with other players.


Rise of IO Games


The first .IO game was released in 2015 as Developed by Valandares, this game gained great popularity in a short time thanks to the 4chan platform. In the first .io game published, the game developed around a cell where food and opponents were consumed and the characters grew up in this way. After its huge success, it was acquired by Miniclip just a few months after its release, after which games with extensions began to emerge rapidly.


The .IO games released after Agar got stuck with the nutrient growth feature that made the game so popular, and this made .IO not only an extension but also a game genre.


In the game, which is the first of the .io games, all the players participating in the game had their own cells and all these cells were in the petri dish. Players had to either eat pellets or eat their opponents in order for their cells to grow. In addition to these, it was possible to cooperate with other players in order to reach a stronger position. For this, cells could divide themselves and feed on other cells with which they cooperated.


Most Popular .IO Games


Since .IO games have taken the whole world under their influence in a short time, we have presented them to game lovers and each one of them has been loved very much. However, some games are one step ahead of others. Here are some of these games.


  • Snake Attack
  • Don't Fall
  • Hexa Two
  • Spacecraft
  • Free Rally
  • Kogama Ghost House
  • Critical Strike Zero