You hit the target 12. You show the Mastery.

Shooting Games


Shooting games are games for shooting targets using firearms or objects. Thanks to the possibilities provided by the virtual world, the game has become more exciting and more immersive over time. Thanks to this development, many sub-genres of shooting games were born. Interesting actions, such as driving, have also been added within these sub-genres.


There are two basic features that make up shooting games. The first is a weapon to be fired, and the other is the presence of some kind of movement. The action in question is valid for the players or their target.


Shooting games are generally played on a predictable and linear axis. In order for the games to be different and challenging, some programmers may add some obstacles to the games. Among the most popular examples of these obstacles are different weapon options and different enemy behavior.


The basic logic of shooting games is to gain points by shooting targets or enemies, and thus to reach higher levels. In some of these games, where different weapons can be used, the characters can be managed by the players. You should always aim to beat your opponents in these games, which you can play alone or with your friends.


What are the Subgenres of Shooting Games?


Shooting games are online online games with many subcategories. The first of these are first-person shooters. In these games, players see the game through the eyes of the shooter. For this reason, only the target is focused and the field of view is extremely limited.


The other subgenre of shooting games is third-person shooting games. In such games, players see the scene from behind the shooter. For this reason, the viewing angle is much wider. It is not enough to just focus on the target in these games played with a wide viewing angle. At the same time, it is necessary to focus on the events surrounding the shooter. In this way, the shooter is also protected against obstacles and dangers from the environment.


Another sub-genre of shooting games is bubble shooting games. In these games, which are a mixture of shooting games and puzzle games, target calculations must be done well, as there is a possibility of bouncing balloons or objects in the target set.


Finally, there are throwing games within the shooting games. Among the most popular throwing games, we can count Angry Birds. In these games, the tasks given are fulfilled by throwing objects to the targets.


Vehicle wars are another sub-genre of shooting games. In these games where reflexes are tested, aiming requests are fulfilled. Moreover, these tasks can be done in many different areas and from many different perspectives. You can blow up tanks or planes in these games with different vehicles.


History of Shooting Games


The history of shooting games goes back to ancient times. Shooting games, one of the most popular game genres in the digital world nowadays, first started in 1973 with the Maze War game. Despite having very limited functions, it was one of the first games that made shooting games so popular today. Later, with the development of technology, games such as Doom in 1993 and Half-Life in 1998 were presented to game lovers. These games were much more complex and exciting than the early versions of shooting games. These games, which also have complex graphics, not only became legends, but also formed the basis of shooting games played today.


Why Shooting Games?


Shooting games are one of the most exciting games not only for children but also for adults. You have to keep up with the speed of exciting shooting games, increase your reaction speed and act decisively. Shooting games, where a new excitement awaits you in every part, is one of the most preferred game types among our online games.


In shooting games where different weapons are used, you need to create the best strategies against the enemies as well as keeping the excitement at the highest level. In shooting games where the target distances vary according to the games, you must always be fast and maintain this pace throughout the game.


You can be a great hero by playing alone in shooting games or you can protect the world from alien or zombie attacks as a team with your friends.


Our Most Popular Shooting Games


The following are among the most preferred shooting games that everyone from seven to seventy play with pleasure.


  • Minewar Soldiers Vs Zombies
  • Deep Space Horror
  • Idle Zombie Guard
  • Zombie Last Castle
  • Squid Sniper Game
  • Engine Wars
  • Captain Sniper
  • Sniper Assault Squad