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Adventure Games

Thousands of different exciting treasures can be found in adventure games. Getting rid of hidden traps or reaching the goal is never as easy as it seems. Is it always easy to win the race with the coolest and fastest racing cars? Well, is the intelligence of the people of the modern world always enough to get rid of the dangers of prehistory? The only way to know this is to dive into our world of adventure games and immerse yourself in the world of excitement and adrenaline to be experienced here.


What are Adventure Games?

You should definitely not stop to be successful in these games where there is high excitement and continuous progress. In these games, where your hand and eye coordination should be at the highest level, you should also always be on the alert and your strategies to defend yourself against the hidden dangers waiting for you should be ready.


The characters managed in adventure games have tasks such as completing the given tasks, climbing to the top levels, overcoming obstacles and searching for objects. In order to fulfill these missions, it is sometimes raced against time and sometimes against other players. For this, players need a high level of concentration.


Adventure games allow each game to open up to different worlds with different scenarios. In adventure games where it is also necessary to solve puzzles, it is not enough to be successful in games if only your physical features such as hand and eye coordination are sufficient. In addition, your intellectual level must be high in order to create the necessary strategies.


Different characters are controlled in adventure games that send players to other worlds in order to complete various missions. In some of the adventure games, the characters can be customized according to the taste of the players, which enables the creativity of the adventure games to be supported. These characters are given very different tasks. These include different, difficult and fun missions, from solving puzzles to defeating enemies.


Why Adventure Games?

Adventure games allow each player to create their own story and thus their adventure. Each game, even playing the same games at different times, always gives gamers different emotions and excitement. For this reason, there are many adventure games enthusiasts. The existence of different sub-genres and the fact that it is one of the largest game collections proves this.


Subgenres of adventure games

The level of adventure games is much higher than other games. For this reason, no gamer can say no to adventure games. We can list the sub-categories of adventure games as follows.


Skill Games

If you want to test your physical and mental abilities as well as excitement, then skill games are exactly the subcategory of adventure games you are looking for. What makes it even more impossible to do the difficult tasks given in these games are the obstacles that the characters face. Now the real question is, will you give up in the face of these difficulties or will you become a hero by overcoming all the obstacles and fulfilling the missions?


Two Players

The most preferred adventure games by game lovers who do not want to go on an adventure alone are sub-category two-player adventure games. In these games, you can either compete with your friend and have a sweet fight, or you can overcome all the difficulties as a team and complete the adventure.


Danger Creatures

Aliens, zombies or creatures. If you want to embark on a tough adventure with extraterrestrials, this subgenre of adventure games will give you exactly what you want. In order to save your world from these creatures, you must fulfill the given tasks and defeat them. Otherwise, they can conquer all the worlds you can live in and take you away from this magical and exciting world.



In competition games, which are one of the most popular sub-genres of adventure games, you can either drive vehicles or use your skills to get ahead of your opponents. You will be full of excitement in these games with high adrenaline at every level.



Strategy games, which are the domain of those who say they like my adventure intelligently, are one of the most preferred adventure games by game lovers who trust their intellectual intelligence. In order to be the best in these games, which cannot be won without the right strategies, you need to use your intelligence.


To the defense

You can find adventure, strategy, reflex and many more features together in defense games, which are the field of game lovers who say that I can defend my land best, the enemies cannot even take a step. In these games, where the enemies get stronger with each passing level, you need to be able to make the most accurate moves.


Most Popular Adventure Games

Although each of the adventure games is played thousands of times, some of them are more preferred. Behind this, there are many different factors that motivate game lovers. Some of the most popular adventure games on our site are as follows.



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  • Gta 5
  • Superbrothers,
  • Shadow Fighters
  • Squid Games
  • Fireboy and Watergirl in The Forest Temple
  • Vex 1
  • Vex 2
  • Vex 3
  • Vex 4