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Sports Games


Sports games, unlike real-world sports, are one of the most entertaining game categories that allow you to relax while having fun and at the same time enjoy sports. There are many subcategories of sports games available in both modern and legacy browsers. For this reason, the history of sports games is much older than you think.


History of Sports Games


Sports games were first developed by an American physicist in 1958. The first sports game played on a device called an oscilloscope was tennis. In this game, electrical signal voltages were displayed in 2D, creating the game Tennis for Two. Although it was the first video game of those times, it had not yet been discovered. In this game, the match was viewed from the side. Later on, Pong, considered the ancestor of sports games, appeared. Pong creators opted for the overhead camera. Later in 1967, Crown soccer, the first football game, was released by the Taito company. In this game developed for coin-operated arcade machines, two players could play against each other. The new sports games released in 1973 enriched the market, and Davis Cup, Pro Hockey and soccer were the most popular of these games.


Among the most popular sports games were basketball, which was released in 1974, boxing in 1976, bowling in 1978 and baseball in 1979.


What are Sports Games?


It is a type of game where the controls of professional or amateur athlete characters are game lovers. With this category of games, where you can show yourself in relatively new sports such as motor or sled races, you can both enjoy the sport and have fun moments. To win an award or a medal, it is enough to be the best athlete on the field.


Subgenres of Sports Games


Just as sports have many sub-types, sports games also have many sub-types. For this reason, it is one of the richest online games in terms of genre. The sub-categories of the most preferred sports games in the world are as follows.


Football Games


Football games, one of the most popular sports of both the virtual world and the real world, include mental and athletic skills. In these games where both teams and characters are controlled, different game options await you.


Basketball Games


Basketball is the most popular sport after football. For this reason, it is one of the most preferred game types for online games. You can have the fun to the fullest with these games that can be played both alone and with friends. In these games, you can lead your teams to success or become the star of the field with three-pointers.




American football, which is one of the first choices of those who prefer harder and contact sports games, is one of the fun sports games choices. In these games that require stamina and speed, it is enough to click to knock down your opponents one by one when you go to the goal.


Fighting games


Get ready to be the best on the mat with fighting games, one of the most preferred sports games by game lovers who like martial arts. Eliminate all opponents by mastering the martial art of your choice.


Extreme Sports


Extreme sports, which have been increasing more and more since the 1990s, have also found a place in online games. In these games, you will feel the adrenaline to the fullest and you will be able to fascinate everyone with cool moves.


Car Racing


If you're ready to be the fastest on the track in auto racing, one of the most exciting in sports, then get into the driver's seat of cars, motorcycles or monster trucks.


Pool Games


Get your name written on the first place by inserting the stone you want into the hole you want with the pool games, which are indispensable for those who love classic sports such as billiards and enjoy at least as much as in the real world.


Bowling Games


If you are one of the stars of bowling alleys, then let's see you in bowling games. In bowling games, which are as challenging as being on the field, players who are skilled enough to knock down all the skittles also get the trophy.


Table Tennis Games


In table tennis games, which are the ancestors of sports games, you need to be fast while making accurate and challenging shots. Getting the balls coming from your opponent correctly is the most challenging aspect of the games.


Golf Games


Even if you cannot go to golf courses, golf games will give you the same experience. If you say that I make the most accurate shots and distance is not important to me, then our golf games are waiting for you.


Darts Games


These games, where target or shooting games and sports games come together, will be very entertaining both alone and with your friends.


Cricket Games


If you say that I am as talented as an Englishman in cricket games, which is known as the ancestral sport of the British, then we are waiting for you at our cricket games.


Boxing Games


The new gold belt of the rings belongs to me, if you are one of those who say that I can fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee, then boxing games with stronger opponents are just for you.


Olympic Games


I'm in every field of sports, especially in the Olympic games, which are the sports games most preferred by game lovers who say athletics is my job, you can collect all the gold medals.


Most Popular Sports Games


There are hundreds of sports games on our site where you can experience every sport. Among them, the most preferred by game lovers are as follows.


  • Gravity Soccer
  • Cycling Hero
  • Dunkers Fight
  • Hurdles Heros
  • Stunt Extreme
  • Rally Point
  • Drunken Tug War
  • Vector Rush
  • Basketball Stars
  • Basket Random
  • Soccer Physics
  • Soccer Random