Our adventure of games, the most entertaining form of the internet, started in 2013. Our site, which has expanded with professional discipline since the first day , continues to serve you today with thousands of different games in 13 categories .


There are many important features that distinguish us from other gaming platforms. First of all, our games on the platform are controlled and developed by our expert team. Another privilege is that we can be used not only on desktop browsers, but also on android and ios phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.


You can have fun anywhere with our games that run smoothly on computers, tablets or mobile phones.


HiHoy , which is a platform where both adults and children can have a good time , gives importance to safety as much as entertainment when it comes to children. For this reason, it is a pleasant space where both children and their parents can spend time together and separately .


We are careful not to have games that will negatively affect the psychological and moral development of children on our site . Despite all our efforts, do not hesitate to let us know when you encounter a negative situation.