Interesting brain games in this category. You can play and improve your intelligence.

Puzzle Games


Puzzle games are the games that need to find the most suitable solutions to different difficulties in order to progress in the game. In these games you can help the characters open a locked door or find the differences between two very similar objects. The existence of many sub-genres of addictive puzzle games is the answer to why gamers are so interested in this category.


With puzzle games, you can challenge your cognitive skills and prepare the necessary environment for their development. Moreover, you can have fun while doing this. These games, which will strengthen logical skills, pattern recognition or memory, encourage you to always achieve better with their challenging levels.


Why Puzzle Games?


One of the most important features that distinguishes puzzle games from other digital games is that it is a game genre that needs to be 100% focused. In these games, where you need to be mentally active, your attention always helps you to be more successful.


Another reason why puzzle game fans love this game type so much is that it increases mental abilities such as cognitive and memory.


Another advantage of puzzle games is that gamers can enjoy being successful by constantly overcoming difficulties.


While some of the puzzle games lead you to a serious thinking process, in others you have to make sudden decisions. For this reason, it is one of the games that develops both areas of the brain.


Subgenres of Puzzle Games


Puzzle games have a serious fan base and this audience is always loyal to puzzle games. The biggest reason for this is that there are sub-types that appeal to different tastes and mental abilities.


Puzzle Games


Jigsaw games, which are traditional puzzle games, have a different number of pieces that people of all ages can play. These games, which can be played with the establishment of the part-whole relationship, also fire the neurons that enable the part-whole relationship to be established. Moreover, playing traditional puzzle games guarantees that the pieces will not be lost.


Card Games


Card games, which are among the classics of puzzle games, have been one of the most enjoyable types of games played not only in the digital environment but also with family and friends for generations. With card games, one of the most popular digital games, you can both have exciting moments and train your brain while competing with your opponents.


Word games


You can enjoy games with many different scenarios, such as finding missing letters in word games, one of the most popular members of the puzzle games world, or creating a word with mixed letters.


What Are The Most Popular Puzzle Games?


As we said before, players who love puzzle games have a great love with these games. For this reason, it is among our most visited games. However, it is inevitable that some will stand out more. Some of the prominent puzzle games are as follows.


  • Tic Tac Toe Master
  • Gems Junction
  • Classic Nonogram
  • Clone Ball Rush
  • House Pipe Puzzle
  • Dope
  • Bomb Hunters
  • Pop It Fun It
  • Knives
  • Fishing Online