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Driving Games

Car and driving games, one of the most popular games of all time, are frequently preferred by all game lovers from seven to seventy. For this reason, new games with higher excitement and skill are constantly being introduced to the game market. The adventure of car games, which started in arcade halls, later found its place on consoles and finally on computers. Although some people think that car games only consist of driving vehicles such as cars, motorcycles or trucks, this idea does not reflect the truth. Because there are different games in the car games that require skills in many different subjects. This situation can be seen much more clearly when we look closely at the development of car games.


History of Driving Games

The first car games came into our lives with the Grand Prix developed by Arcade in 1969. This game featured semi-permeable films as well as back-facing lights to illuminate the scene. In this game, which is controlled by the steering wheel, when the gas pedal is pressed, the movie with the road and other vehicles rotated faster. In order not to crash into other cars, the player had to take their foot off the gas and slow down. Looking at the games today, this technique, which is extremely primitive, enabled the first fire of the passion for the game at that time.

By 1980, radar was invented, which was revolutionary in car games. With this feature developed by game programmers, it was seen as a small map in one corner of the screen, showing the movements of the players. This feature, which allows the location of other players to be determined, later started to be used in other game types.

In the 1990s, Nintendo broke new ground in car games. In these years, the only plus in car games was not to beat the other competitors, but to prevent them from winning the race. These games, known as go-kart games, have also become one of the most loved features by game lovers.

The 2000s, on the other hand, were and continue to be the years when both technology and car games developed rapidly. Many features in car games have been developed rapidly in the last 20 years. Among these features, the games showed a serious improvement thanks to the graphics used in the game and the wide and open universes.

Today, there are different vehicles such as helicopters, tanks or planes in the sub-categories of car games. Car games, which still continue their development, will be one of the game genres that will continue to be the favorite of game lovers in the future.


What are Driving Games?

With car games, players can experience what it feels like to drive many other vehicles, especially cars. In car games where the race against time or other players is dominated, there are also challenging tasks such as parking the cars. There are many sub-categories under car games. Although racing games are the first to come to mind, there are also sub-genres such as parking or skill.


Contest Driving Games

These games are among the most preferred and the first games that come to mind among car games. In these games, you can race against opponents as well as against time. You can always find a race that needs to be won with its challenging tracks and maps.

Car Parking Games

These games are among the games that offer the parking experience that many people have the most difficulty with. You can sweat to find a parking space in a crowded parking lot or show off your driving skills by parking in difficult areas.

Multiplayer Car Games

In these games, you can participate in competitive competitions with players from all over the world. You can also enjoy car games with multiple players in other types of car games.

Skill Car Games

If you say that I can drive, park, dock or drop all kinds of vehicles best, then you should take a look at the games in the skill subcategory to show your skills.

Driving Car Games

In this category, there are many games where you can show your riding skills. Driving games are one of the most fun and safest ways to prove that you are the best driver in difficult weather and road conditions.


Play The Best Car Games

From minibuses to jeeps with our free online car games; Many different vehicles, from helicopters to ships, are waiting for you. You can maintain, refuel or race against fast German cars or monster trucks.

Your task may be to be the first in a challenging car race or to successfully overcome difficult roads. You can access all of these for free, and you can modify your vehicles to suit your own taste.

Motor vehicles that have existed in our lives since the 1700s have shown great differences over time. You can either choose the steam-powered vehicles invented in these years, or you can use the fastest jets of today.


Our Most Popular Car Games

Each of the car games is exciting and the fun of each is unique. Although it changes from time to time, the following are among our most preferred car games at the moment.

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  • High speed extreme racing
  • Mega ramp stunt moto
  • ATV Cruise
  • Speedboat
  • Car wash with john
  • Police drift and stunt
  • 3D arena racing
  • Race the traffic
  • City parking
  • Asphalt 5
  • Forza Horizon