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Girl Games


Just as every woman wants to go back to the times she was a princess and get lost in that magical world, little girls want to grow up as soon as possible and do what they see from their mothers or older sisters. Girl games are the only platform where little girls' dreams of being stylish will come true. In this world, he can decorate or dress his characters as he wishes. In these games where all make-up materials, clothes and accessories are at hand, the only limit is the imagination of little girls. These games, which have the magical power of transforming the characters into whatever and how they want, not only promise fun, but also play an important role in enriching the imaginations of little girls. If they want, they can give a brand new image to the disney princesses or set the latest trends in games. All these powers can only be reached with a phone, tablet or computer at their fingertips.


Cooking games are perfect for girls who like to be in the kitchen. In these games, they can prepare delicious dishes by expressing their creativity. If they want, they can improve their reflexes and their ability to use time correctly by racing against time. Moreover, there is no need to shop for it. All they have to do is click on one of the games with dishes that suit their taste. They will enjoy cooking as much as they want and as much as they want without the kitchens falling apart.


For girls who are fond of our animal friends, animal care games with cute animals are one of the most entertaining options of the time. In these games, they can adopt any animal they want and take care of them. While witnessing the growth of their pets, they can also decorate them as they wish. These games, which develop both responsibility and creativity, can also be accessed from our girl games category.


Girls can be whatever they want in this category, which is totally appealing to girls. They can be a popular singer or a great dancer if they want to. To improve their artistic side, they can choose one of our coloring games.


Why Does This Category Exist?



There is a misconception in society that computer games generally appeal to men. However, there are also games that appeal to girls and are more fun than the other. In order for you to access these games easily, we have presented our girl games category to your liking. Thanks to these games, which have different concepts, girl game lovers can easily access the games they want.


In our category of girls' games, where the most popular cartoons or characters have fun games, game lovers can have fun while contributing to the development of some skills such as creativity. Moreover, while playing these games, they stay away from images that will harm them.


In this category, which is frequently used by families and their children to have fun together, the need for quality time, which is very important for children, is also met.


What are Girl Games?


There are characters with different characteristics under our girl games category. In our games, where we include many different characters from dolls to models, especially barbie characters attract more attention. In the games in the category of girl games, what is expected from the game lovers is that the game lovers help the characters in accordance with the given tasks. These tasks include items such as combining clothes for a special occasion or preparing meals for customers.


There are many subcategories under the category of girl games. The most preferred of these categories can be listed as follows.


Dress Up Games


In these games, game-loving princesses try to dress their characters in accordance with the given task. The more suitable the outfit is for the given task, the higher the score is earned. Also, some dress-up games do not have quests. Instead, game lovers are asked to show their creativity.


Make Up Games


In make-up games that are similar to dress-up games, girls can create a new trend or successfully fulfill the given tasks. No matter what kind of makeover game it is, the important thing is that the girls will always have a lot of fun.


Cooking Games


Whether you want to make and design sushi or a wedding cake, all desired dishes are waiting for game-loving princesses under the category of girl games. These games, in which the craziest and most delicious dishes are prepared without the kitchens falling apart or going shopping, can sometimes be offered to customers and sometimes to loved ones.


Animal Care


Animal care games are among the most preferred games by game-loving princesses who love animals but cannot feed animals at home. In these games, you can take care of your cute furry friend from birth and witness their growth. The reactions of these lovely friends, whose needs must be met like real animals, are also similar to real life. For this reason, children have an important place in developing their sense of responsibility. In addition to these, some of our animal care games include decorating cute friends or pet hairdresser games. In these games, cute animals can prepare for competitions or become icons of animal fashion.




Favorite Girl Games


In our category of girls games, which has more than what we mentioned above, game-loving princesses of all tastes can find more than one suitable game for her. In this category, which includes many games from intelligence games to make-up games, from puzzles to cooking games, the following games especially attract attention.


  • Merge Dreams
  • Funny Puppy Emergency
  • Cooking Crush
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Run Rich
  • Frozen Rush
  • Coloring Book
  • Quizland Trivia
  • Lines
  • Princess Beauty Salon
  • Instagirls Valentines Dress Up
  • Hotel Tycoon