Pet Trainer Duel

Your cute cat must have eaten a little too much. Take her to the pet trainer to make her healthy and fit like she used to be. With the right options, your cat will be healthier than before.

What awaits me when I play Pet Trainer Duel?

Pet Trainer Duel, 3D physics-based, fun platform game experience is waiting for you.

It's time to take your chubby cat to a specialist. Entrust your cat to an expert. At the end of a long platform, will you be able to see that you can reach the goal as a result of weighing. Guide your cat to consume healthy food and water. Exercise is essential to lose weight. Let your cat lose weight by walking on a walking band, in the pool, on a fragile glass or on a balance bar. Thanks to the fact that he will choose this game for 2 players, you can play by inviting your friends. Games that you will play together with your friends are always more enjoyable.

In the fun cat game, choose the most correct options for his health. Come join in on.

Who can play Pet Trainer Duel? Is it suitable for children?

Players of all ages who love platform and pet games can play Pet Trainer Duel. This game is suitable for children and is not blocked. 


Is the Pet Trainer Duel game played at school unblocked?

You can play alone at home, at school or with friends on the street. If you are at school, don't forget to ask permission from your teacher. If you are at home, you will enjoy it much more if you play after finishing your studies. If you are on the street, go to a safe place where you can relax and invite your friends to this unique race.


What does Pet Trainer Duel get me?

Strengthens reflexes, improves hand-eye coordination and concentration. It strengthens your ability to make the right movements at the right time with quick movements when necessary.


How to play Pet Trainer Duel on web and mobile?



Can I play Pet Trainer Duel online and for free on my computer?

Of course! You can play the game without having to download it. Play the game using your keyboard and mouse. Even playing in full screen mode is much more enjoyable.

Do the right thing for your cat. Try to be in the healthiest state when you reach the scale at the end of the platform with healthy foods and enough exercise. Let's try it!