A jumping game with the hit Among Us characters: Hex A Mong!


What awaits me playing Hex A Mong?

Hex A Mong is a 3D running and jumping game with Among Us characters. The game, which can be played in 1-player and 2-player modes, has a unique simulation.


The game takes us on an adventure to the world of space. It is a very enjoyable game that you will play with the spaceship crew. The characters are just as colorful in Hex A Mong, which gives us a visual feast with its colorful environment from the beginning to the end. You can start the adventure by choosing any of the 9 Among Us characters with different colors.


The game consists of 6 floors with different colors. You must run continuously on the floor consisting of hexagons. As you or other characters press on the hexagons, the hexagons will fall in as little as 1 second, changing color. Therefore, do not neglect to jump in order not to fall down from the gaps that will occur on the floor. When you fall from all floors, you die and you have to start over. When you die, the game will continue, follow the other character, if you wish, leave the game by clicking the "leave" button in the upper right corner of the screen and switch to a new game!


Run, jump and avoid falling! Remember, falling 3 times will cause you to lose the game. You are here to win! Playing in split-screen mode on the same computer with your best friend or family member will also be fun. Good luck!


Who can play?

Hex A Mong is a very fun running and jumping game that can be played by anyone from 7 to 70. Suitable for children and unhindered. You can play with pleasure at home, at school or on the street, wherever you want. If you are at home, you must have finished all your homework, and if you are at school, get permission from your teacher. Then you can play this game with more pleasure.


Tips and Tricks

- Never follow other Among Us characters participating in the race with you, draw your own path. Thus, you get the chance to stand for longer.

- You can follow which floor you are on from the upper right corner of the screen. The lower the number of floors, the more careful you will need to be.


How to play?

ARROW Keys / WASD Keys – Move

Space/Q - Jump


Can I play online and on the computer?

Yeah! You can play the game online without downloading. You can play using your keyboard and mouse. Moreover, playing in full screen mode will give you a great time.



The spaceship crew also deserves to have fun! Join this tournament and share in their fun!