Squid Fighter

Get ready for a fascinating fight with the characters of the very popular Sguid Game!


What awaits me playing Squid Fighter?

Squid Fighter is a 3D fighting game in which the characters from the TV series Squid Game have to risk their lives to earn money.

There are two different characters in the game. The first player is one of the guards known as the pink soldiers or masked men in the Squid Game series. The other actor is Oh il-nam, the main antagonist in the series, who is called the host or actor 001 in the series.

You can play the game in 1 player and 2 player modes. While playing in the single player mode, you will find a very aggressive and strong AI-controlled competitor. You may also want to play with your friend in two-player mode. You can play this game with your friend on a single computer with pleasure.

There are three different moves in the game: punch, kick and special. While punching and kicking have the same effect on your opponent, the special attack is more powerful and drastically lowers your opponent's energy.


Note: The antagonist is the person in the fiction tasked with blocking the main character.


Who can play?

Anyone who likes fighting games can enjoy this game. A fascinating fighting game, this game is suitable for children and is an unblocked game. You can play wherever you want.


What does it gain me?

You learn to act by thinking fast and systematically in this adrenaline high game in which Squid Game players are present as the main characters. There is a strong opponent in front of you, especially when playing with the computer in 1 player mode. It is not easy to defeat a strong opponent. You need to train yourself in the best way and know very well what movement to do when. This game will teach you to think practically, to act quickly at the right time, as well as some fighting techniques.


Tips and Tricks

- Watch out for the energy bar. Its ending means your death.

- Use your powers at the right time.

- As soon as the power meter is full, you are ready to use your special power.


How to play?

W,A,S,D - Pink Player Move,


G – Kick

R - Bonus


Arrow Key – Green Player Move


K – Kick

O – Bonus


Can I play online and for free on my computer?

Certainly! You can play this fascinating game without having to download it. Play the game using your keyboard and mouse. Have fun playing this great free online game!