Fall Guys

Are you ready for a colorful race with Fall Guys, one of the best and most loved racing games of all time? This racing game for fun and action enthusiasts invites you to the exciting world of racing!


What awaits me playing Fall Guys?

Fall Guys is a 3D computer game with a unique running simulation and rich visual effects. It has 10 different colorful platforms and offers players a fascinating visual feast.

There are 30 players better than each other in the game and this number decreases as the rounds progress. Players move on a three-dimensional playing field with fast and agile movements. You must act quickly and compete competitively in the increasing chaos of each round until there is only one winner left. Because at the end of the game, the number of players will be reduced to one and you should be that player who wins the crown!

In this fun racing game, you compete against US characters in a series of challenges where you traverse obstacle courses. You must show your skills on different maps and make the right moves at the right time. Each map is different and therefore requires different skills. By successfully completing each of the randomly selected mini-games, you qualify for the next rounds. Never stop and don't look back! Remember, your only goal is to get ahead of other players by overcoming obstacles! Complete all levels without being eliminated and be the winner of the race.

You win the crown if you successfully complete all three parts of the game. But that's not enough! You should collect your diamonds by playing more. More first places will take you to other different platforms of the game. If you collect enough diamonds, you can buy from players of 15 different colors that look like jelly beans, and you can choose which color you want to have! That means more colors for you and more action!


Who can play Fall Guys?

Gamers of all ages who love running games can play. A simple and fun racing game, Fall Guys is a kids-friendly and unblocked racing game. You can play at home or at school.


What does this game give me?

While playing Fall Guys, you are in competition with other players. Just like in the games you play with your friends at school or on the street. Fall Guys, a racing game where you both have fun and learn, teaches you to think fast and move fast on the internet and in real life.


Tips and Tricks

- Anticipate hazards and prepare for them early.

- Some obstacles will move, so try to avoid them by making the right moves.

- You are racing against time too, never stop and look back.

- You can pass by jumping from some obstacles, avoiding some of them and destroying some of them. You have to know what to do!


How to play?

WASD keys - Move to Right/Left/Forward/Back
Space - Jump
Mouse to took


Can I play online for free on my computer?

Of course! You can play the game without having to download it. Play the game using your keyboard and mouse. Even play in full screen mode much more enjoyable.


Come on, press play button now and start this exciting race as soon as possible. Let's start!