Hero Masters

You are a superhero! Even ultra superhero! Embrace the powers of multiple superheroes and enjoy the excitement!


What awaits me playing Hero Masters?

Hero Masters is an exciting shooting action game where you eliminate your opponents as a superhero with many different abilities. Level up your skills and unlock new skins to progress in this highly engaging action game.

As soon as you start the game you will face a number of different opponents. You will transform into a real superhero to defeat your rivals. To destroy them, you must use the special abilities of the superhero.

At the very beginning of the game, you have the spider-man ability that can throw spider silk. You will gain new heroic abilities after completing each level in the game. Superheroes have ten different abilities. You have the chance to use all of these abilities, each of which is extremely powerful, as you wish. You can switch between your abilities according to the strength and danger of your opponent.

Now it's time to become a real superhero to destroy the attacking enemies! An exciting adventure awaits you in the unblocked shooting game! Lets go!


Who can play?

Anyone who loves superheroes and shooting games can have an excellent time playing Hera Masters. As simple as it is full of action and adventure, this game is suitable for children and is an unblocked game. You can play at home, on the street, at school, wherever you want.


What does it gain me?

Being a hero imposes heavy responsibilities on you. You must be prepared to take this responsibility. If you've just started the game, that's a big dare! You have to be extremely careful in this game where you fight for survival. So you learn to focus and use the right superpowers at the right time. You increase hand and eye coordination.


Tips and Tricks

- Fine-tune which opponent to focus on first!

- New superpowers will be added in each episode, choose the right one to use the one that works for you.

- Use your powers in the right place and intimidate your opponents.

- Focus on improving your skills.

- Get ready for opponents in unexpected difficulty.

- Progress by getting the keys in the game.


How to play?

Mouse Click


Can I play online and for free on my computer?

Of course! You can play the game without having to download it. Play the game using your keyboard and mouse. Now press the Play button and start this action and exciting game as soon as possible. Have fun ultra superhero!