Greenlight Redlight

One of the most popular Squid Game's most popular games: Grenlight Redlight! Prepare to run! Unlike ordinary running games, you should run to avoid dying in Greenlight Redlight! Nobody said it would be easy, but to survive in your hands!


What awaits me when playing Greenlight Redlight?

Greenlight Redlight is a 3D computer game you run for life. To join this great adventure, just wear your team and take your place in the playground!

When playing the Greenlight Redlight, you must move your mouse back and forth left and right to check your character. In this fun game, which has simple but effective 3D graphics, you should proceed with intuitive controls.

You should pass in the green light, you should stop when you hear the red light warning. If you don't do this, you'il be shot! The girl at the end of the course waits for the back. When the back of the girl is facing, the light burns on your green character and you should move forward using Dareni. When the girl turns in front of it, the light turns red and the color of its character changes and turns red. You should stop immediately. When the red light burns, the competitors are shot by the sniper. The surviving contestants continue to move on the course when the green light is burned again. If you manage to reach the red finish line without being shot, you will complete the section.

If you complete the run successfully, you will cover the cash award! There is only one winner in this game. You must be you! Complete the tasks one by one and earn the big prize.


Who can play?

Anyone who loves running games can play this unique game. If you think it will be perfect for the game as well as the game, this game is for you! This game, which is full of adrenaline as well as simple, is suitable for children and is an unprecedented game. You can play wherever you want.


What does it give me?

Running is good for everyone. Running to survive is exciting. If you have a life at the end, you focus on what you need to do with everything. When you learn to keep your mind fresh and manage your intuitive controls in the best way, it will not be successful in this game. Run to learn! It sounds nice, right?


Tips and Tips

- You should stop hearing the “red light” warning to survive.

- There are 5 sections that you need to successfully complete in the game and you will be rewarded with cash when each wins.

- There is a button that will increase the speed of 2 times in the right middle of the screen, click on the button immediately.

- If you are shot, you will have a chance to resume where you left again. To do this, you must click the “Review” button on the screen.


How to play?

Mouse drag


Can I play online and free of charge on my computer?

Certainly! You can play without having to download the game. Play the game using the keyboard and mouse. Now press the Play key and start this adrenaline full adventure.