Pill Soccer

Pill Soccer

Pill Soccer Get ready for the most challenging soccer matches with Pill Soccer. Play against dozens of real players or challenge your friends on “2 Player” mode. Win rewards by joining tournaments and unlock new characters and soccer ball styles. You can also win rewards by checking out daily tasks… You can get diamonds by completting these tasks. Matches take 90 seconds on Pill Soccer and you really need to have great reflexes for this game. Watch your opponents’ actions closely, guess the direction and speed of the ball and put out your best defense! When you are in trouble, try to take advantage of special bonuses. Keep an eye on bonus time, and use them efficiently when they are activated! If your opponent gets close to you, you can daze them by clicking hitting button swiftly. But beware! If you wait too long in front of the net, you might get a lightning strike on your head!

Have Fun !


2 Player Mode

Player 1

Jump: "Up Arrow

Left: "Left Arrow"

Right: "Right Arrow"

Kick: "P" or "Down Arrow"

Super Bonus: "K"

Player 2

Jump: "W"

Left: "D"

Right: "A"

Kick: "S" or "Space"

Super Bonus: "Z"


Your Control

Jump: "Up Arrow" or "W"

Left: "Left Arrow" or "S"

Right: "Right Arrow" or "A"

Kick: "P" or "Space"

Super Bonus: "K"