Among Us Space Rush

Get ready for a new adventure with the characters Among Us! Hurry up to enjoy this game where you will compete with yourself!


What awaits me playing Among Us Space Rush?

Among Us Space Rush is the hit online HTML5 running adventure game. Made from 3D game art animation, this game is side scrolling.

You start the game alone as an Among Us character. You are the team leader! Along the way, you must collect coins and save your friends who are waiting for you. Of course there are obstacles too! You will encounter various obstacles on the way. You should not touch the bombs, you should stay away from the spacecraft coming one after another. Bombs kill, vehicles block their way.

Your rescued friends dressed as Among Us means a new life for you! Because when you die in any way, the captor replaces you, takes your shape, puts your hat on and moves on!

The money you collect on the way is very important to you. Because in the "shop", there are privileges that you can buy in 3 different categories: Specials, Power Ups and Hats. Don't wait any longer and press the "play" button to relax and have fun!


Who can play?

If you like Mario, which is one of the favorite games of almost everyone, and this type of games, you can have a great time playing Among Us Space Rush. Simple, adventurous and feel-good, it's kid-friendly and unblocked. You can play at home, at school, wherever you want.


What does it gain me?

You disguised as an Among Us and you are the team leader! When you start this game, you are not only trying to save your own life, but also trying to save the lives of your friends. You know, doing good always feels good! In this game where you compete with yourself, you will be a very good player with the jumps you will perform just in time. It will be a privilege for you to have fun while developing hand and eye coordination.


Tips and Tricks

- Don't forget that each of the coins you collect brings you one step closer to special items, power-ups and hats.

- You must have perfect timing. Jumping in time means surviving.


How to play?

Mouse Left Click – Jump


Can I play online and for free on my computer?

Yeah! You can play the game without having to download it. Play the game using your mouse and keyboard. Now press the Play button and start this exciting adventure as soon as possible.