12 Mini Battles

A lot of different games like Golf, Wrestling, Ax War, Soccer, Duel, Soccer Physics, Ball Launch are waiting for you in a single game. Golf match in the middle of the hole you need 3 times before the opponent to put the ball. Ax battle, mace war, duel you have to do in games with your opponent 3 times to hit the gun. Some of these duels will be with cowboys in the wild west, some in the ancient times with the Vikings and others in the Middle Ages with knights or archers. In the airplane battle against your friend, you must collect bullets in the air to destroy your friend without blowing you up. In the helicopter mission, rescue the people waiting for help on the island and bring them to their own area. The first game to save 5 people wins the game. In Soccer Physics or Gollll games, he wins the first 5 goals. In wrestling, you need to make your balance better by defeating your opponent against the ground and gaining 3 times superiority in this way. Be ready to start with your friend in two exciting super games for two. Call your friend now and let the super fun and contentious games begin! GAME CONTROLS: Player 1: “A” Player 2: “L” Have fun!