Lordz 2 io

Lordz2.io, are you ready for a great Middle Ages game? We start the game as a lord, collecting gold. The purpose of our collection of gold is to build fortresses and key buildings. The more gold we collect, the stronger our pen. In addition to the castle, we are able to build various towers and buildings. More powerful soldiers can attack these buildings. We can strengthen the defense so that the castle can make a stronger defense. In this game, we have to seize the land and expand our territory. Build fortresses and lock buildings to support your army, then collect various units to help you conquer. Try to rise in the rankings by defeating other players! Lordz2.io is an adventure game in different style, crafted with mind in mind for those we choose online games. Have fun!

Game controls:

WASD or arrow keys to move

Space bar to dash

Hold left mouse button to attack

E or right click to activate the special power

B to build

U to buy a soldier

F to arrange army formation

Y to upgrade soldier

Space bar to split an army

C to change formation

M to toggle minimap

L to toggle leaderboard

Enter to chat

Esc to enter the pause menu


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