MURDER is a free assassination game full of action and fun. You have a great opportunity to assassinate the king and dominate the kingdom. To begin, you must go behind the king and choose the moment of opportunity to shoot and destroy him. If the king notices his evil plan, you will remain in the dungeon forever. If you're willing to take that risk, go ahead. If you manage to destroy the king, you must take your clothes quickly and become the king yourself! Once you have successfully stolen the King's identity and destroyed him, your work will be very difficult. You must protect yourself from other assassins who want to do just as you do! Be careful and never leave your back open too long! Do you have what it takes to be the assassin king? When you are king you will realize that everything has a price! It has never been more difficult to win and maintain the throne. Can you do this challenging mission? Or will you stop trying to be king?

Good luck and have fun!

Game Controls

Charge Stab: SPACE

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