Head Soccer 2022

Football lovers per screen! The Head Soccer 2022 game starts with exciting head tournaments. Click now and don't be left behind from the fun.

What awaits me when I play Head Soccer 2022?

Head Soccer 2022 welcomes you with ”1P“ and ”2P" modes. If you're going to play alone, you can play against the computer. You can also have fun with your friends.

The cards of the players on the team are in front of it. You can start the game by choosing your character. If you have made your choice, click the PLAY button.
In the ”1-Player" option, the game consists of 45 seconds of time. The side that is the fastest and scores the most goals wins the game. Surprise your opponent. When he finds his goal empty or when he doesn't expect it at all, send the ball to the goal. Shooting fast will give you an advantage.
In the ”2-Player" option, the game time is slightly longer. take shots without letting your opponent breathe in the 60-second time frame. Sort the goals in a row.
The head ball game that the whole world loves to play is back with you with the 2022 version. Play the game you miss to the fullest. There are plenty of fun and exciting football tournaments waiting for you in the Head Soccer 2022 game.

Who can play Head Soccer 2022? Is it suitable for children?

Players of all ages who love football games can play Head Soccer 2022. This game is suitable for children and is not blocked.

Is the Head Soccer 2022 game played at school unblocked?

You can play with friends at home, alone, at school or on the street. If you are at school, do not forget to ask permission from your teacher. If you are at home, you will enjoy it much more if you play it after you finish your study. If you are on the street, go to a safe place where you can relax and invite your friends to this unique race.

What will Head Soccer 2022 bring me?

Strengthens reflexes, improves hand-eye coordination and concentration. It strengthens your ability to make the right movements at the right time with fast movements when necessary. It teaches you to use time correctly.

How to play Head Soccer 2022 on the web and mobile?

If you are playing on the web
1P: WASD the Move
Shot: F-G
2P: Movement: Arrow Keys
Shot: K-L

Can I play Head Soccer 2022 online and for free on my computer?

Of course! You can play the game without having to download it. Play the game using your keyboard and mouse. Even playing in full-screen mode is much more enjoyable.

The ball's at your feet! Fun and exciting football tournaments are waiting for you in the game Head Soccer 2022. If you like to compete, don't stop, come on!