Minecraft World Adventure

If you want to take an adventurous journey with Steve, the character of Minecraft, the best-selling game in world history, let's get you like this!


What awaits me while playing Minecraft World Adventure?


Minecraft World Adventure is an adventurous journey with Steve, one of the Minecraft characters. What is asked of you is to ensure that Steve reaches the house.


Of course, this is not easy! You must make your way to the rotating platforms placed at regular intervals. Since some rotating platforms also change their places, it can be quite difficult for you. Besides all this, if you can get Steve home by facing the dangers that await you, you will be the winner!


This fun online adventure game consists of 7 levels. You must have successfully completed the previous levels in order to unlock them and see all the levels. It is possible to encounter different dangers in each of them. You have to be careful and make your way towards your goal. During the time you play the game; the number of jumps, your time and all the gold you collect will be written to your name. It is possible to play a level again and better. The more you play, the more accurate clicks you will see while reaching your goal.


Tips and Tricks

- It is possible to travel longer distances in one go. But you should visit all the platforms as much as possible and collect the gold.

- The long distance you travel in one go can cost you dearly. Because you never know where the rockets are waiting!

- The game does not go forward in every level, try going backwards.


Who can play?

This adventurous game is suitable for everyone from 7 to 70. You can play with pleasure at home, at school, on the street, wherever you want.


What does it gain me?

This game, which contributes to hand and eye coordination, also contributes to the development of attention and concentration. As you play the game, you will notice that your focus time gets shorter. It allows you to focus more easily and make quick and accurate decisions to progress towards the goal.


How to play?

Mouse Left Click – Jump


Can I play online and on the computer?

Of course! You can play Minecraft World Adventure online without downloading it. You can play using your keyboard and mouse. You can make your adventure much more enjoyable by switching to full screen mode.


Accompany Steve home in this fun-filled game!