Stunt Biker 3D

Riding a motorcycle is both fun and tough! Join the stunt bike riding adventure with Stunt Biker 3D game!


What awaits me while playing Stunt Biker 3D?

Stunt Biker 3D, with its 3D physics base, is a game that offers a different racing experience with its unique simulation and three-dimensional graphics.

In this exciting single player game; 4 different motorcycles, each more stylish than the next, and 5 different costume options are waiting for you. To have these options, you must win the necessary gold by running a successful race. Each success is a separate reward. You get the chance to change your motorcycle, its colour, brakes, tires. A better bike means you can perform stronger in this unique race.

In the game where you can play in three different modes as impossible, challenge and race, you are in a race that is both fun and challenging. You can start from any mode you want, but in order to progress in each mode, you must have successfully completed the previous level. While 10 different levels are waiting for you in the race and challenge modes, there are 14 different levels in the impossible mode.

It's time to play Stunt Biker 3D for incredible stunts in challenging conditions!


Who can play Stunt Biker 3D? Is it suitable for children?

Players of all ages who are passionate about racing and adventure can play Stunt Biker 3D. This game is suitable for children and is unblocked. You can play wherever you want, whether at home, at school or on the street. If you're at school, don't forget to get permission from your teacher. If you are at home, you will enjoy it much more if you play after you finish your study. ☺ If you are on the street, go to a safe place where you can relax and invite your friends to this unique race.


What does it gain me?

Riding a motorcycle as a stuntman will give you significant experience in driving, although not as much as in real life. It strengthens their reflexes, increases hand and eye coordination and concentration. It strengthens your ability to make the right moves at the right time with fast movements when necessary.


How to play?

ARROW key – Move
Shift key – for Nitro


Can I play online and for free on my computer?

Of course! You can play the game without having to download it. Play the game using your keyboard and mouse. Even play in full screen mode much more enjoyable.


There is no better way to test your driving skill! Prove yourself in the challenging conditions of Stunt Biker 3D game! Let the adventure and action begin!