Survival 456 But It Impostor

If two popular games merge, you won't be able to prevent the resulting game! You won't be able to get enough of Survival 456 But It's Imposter!


What awaits me playing Survival 456 But It's Imposter?

Survival 456 But It's Imposter is a very fun survival game where you will play with the popular characters Among Us but will take you to the popular TV series Squid Game.

There are nine different chapters in the game, namely Red-Green Light, Tug Of War, Battle, Glass Bridge, Dalgona Candy, Marbles, Rope Rescue, Zombie Attack, Race to Escape. There will be different levels in each chapter.

This online free game contains all the brutal challenging games in Squid Game. You have to survive and succeed to continue the game and unlock different levels. But to do this, you need to have mastered many different disciplines.

The first episode, Red-Green Light, is on its toes and as you know it. The green light is active when the big doll turns around and sings. You need to progress in this part. You must stop as soon as the red light comes on. If you move, you will be brutally shot by snipers!

You must have collected a certain number of diamonds to unlock different levels in the game. For this, even if you win, you must repeat the challenges to get enough diamonds.


Who can play?

“If the Among Us characters exist, so am I!” Anyone who likes Squid Game can have a great time playing Survival 456 But It's Imposter. This game with lots of fun and different levels is suitable for children and is an unblocked game. You can play wherever you want.


What does it gain me?

Survival 456 But It's Imposter will teach you to think tactically and to use your time well. You have to be careful throughout the game which means you need to stay focused! You can fix your focus problem with this game. In addition, you learn to think quickly and practically, and to move forward by making the right decision.


Tips and Tricks

- Time is important to you, use it well!

- In the first episode, Red-Green Light, paying attention to the light indicator at the top gives you a life. You must stop as soon as the green color turns red.

- The money you collect in the game is important for unlocking other sections, you should try not to miss any of them.

- If you can't reach enough diamonds even if you complete the level, the last level will repeat. You have to play until you get enough diamonds. That's why you should get almost all the coins in each level.


How to play?

Mouse Left Click

Mouse Drag


Can I play online and for free on my computer?

Certainly! You can play the game without having to download it. Play the game using your mouse. Hit the Play button now and enjoy this unique game!