Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

Hey! Are you ready for action-packed fun? Then grab your mouse and start jumping!


What awaits me playing Tiles Hop:Edm Rush?

Tiles Hop: Edm Rush is an online HTML5 game by Hihoy.

You start the game by choosing one of the balls in nine different patterns. You will be welcomed by 6 different sections: Jazz in Paris, My Heart, Fade, Unity, Dog And Ponny and Blank. In each of these sections you will be accompanied by a variety of musical genres, from piano, guitar, rock and EDM masterpieces. You should start with the first part, Jazz in Paris. You must collect 10 stars to unlock all other levels. After you are successful in the first part, you can choose the second part yourself.

From the moment you press your mouse and vent the ball, you must direct the ball with only left and right movements without raising your hand from the mouse. You just drag your mouse to steer, the ball will already know how much to bounce for the next tile. You know, that's programmers' work!

Keep controlling the ball as you try to complete all the different songs in the game where you won't know how time flies! Collect stars one by one to unlock all songs and complete each one! This game will give you a great feeling of freedom! Have fun playing!


Who can play?

Anyone who has no age limit and wants to have fun can play this game with pleasure. You won't believe how time flies while playing Tiles Hop: Edm Rush. As simple as it is action-packed, this game is kid-friendly and unblocked. You can play at home, at school, wherever you want.


What does it gain me?

While playing this musical ball game that you can't get rid of, you will learn how to stay in the moment and think about the next move. And you have to do it with terrific speed. While your mind is working, your hands must adapt to it. Thus, you will show a perfect development in hand and eye coordination. Your intuitive controls will also improve. In addition, this game will be a good step to improve your musical ear.


Tips and Tricks

- Hold your mouse and drag the ball to move left and right.

- Don't forget to stay in the moment and decide where to go next with intuitive controls.

- If the tiles are close to each other, even if they are not aligned, you do not need to guide the ball.


How to play?

Mouse – Move Right/Left


Can I play online and for free on my computer?

Of course! You can play the game without having to download it. Play the game using your mouse and keyboard. Hit the Play button now and start playing this awesome immersive ball game with music! Good luck!



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