Slap Kings

Slap Kings game from Hihoy Games! Forget all the games you've played so far and get your fist ready for power! If you are ready to challenge your opponents, let's get started!


What awaits me playing Slap Kings?

Slap Kings is a 3D simulation game where you play a slap tournament with your opponents in the ring.

In this game where you will compete to be the best slapstick, the harder you punch, the more chances you have to knock your opponent out of the ring. All you have to do is focus on the highest score on the counter that will appear on the game screen.

Each level in the game means a different opponent for you. As the levels progress, the power of your opponents also increases. With different opponents, the ring moves to different circles and the audience is always there for you. Get the support of the audience and start playing!

Focus for your best slap and prove you're the best slapstick in the universe!


Who can play? Is it suitable for children?

Anyone who wants to play a simple, fun and stress reliever game can have a great time playing Slap Kings. As simple as it is full of excitement and competition, this game is suitable for children and is an unblocked game.


Is the Slap Kings game played at school unblocked?

You can play at home, at school, on the street, wherever you want. If you're playing at school, don't forget to get permission from your teacher. If you are at home, you should play after you finish your study. If you are on the street, you can enjoy playing with your friends in a safe place.


What does it gain me?

First of all, we have to say: Do not try this game in real life. Because it won't give you anything. In fact, hurting someone is one of the worst things in life. It would be much more beneficial for you to take a boxing class instead. While playing this game you learn to take risks and learn to fight to beat. You have to give your full attention to reach the best slap strength, which keeps you focused.


Tips and Tricks

- You have to focus on the best from your first punch to win.

- As the levels progress, the strength of your opponents will increase.


How to play?

Mouse Left Click


Can I play online and for free on my computer?

Certainly! You can play the game without having to download it. Play the game using your mouse. Now press the Play button and start this extremely competitive and exciting game as soon as possible.