Get ready for an amazing journey with famous Among Us characters! Because a very fun and adventurous game with the most recognizable characters is waiting for you!


What awaits me playing Among Us io?

Among Us io is an action-packed game with 3D simulation of famous Among Us characters. As soon as the game starts, you will find yourself in a field full of amazing food. Walk to the food and swallow it all!

Your task in this unique game that you can play for hours; Develop your population to beat other players. For this, you have to collect the food around you. You have to increase your population size by eating as much food as possible. Of course, if you want to win. Who wouldn't want that!

Delicious food awaits you along the route. Moreover, as you eat, all the members in your increasing population will follow you. Are you ready to beat other players to show that you are the strongest? So start playing the game right away and show them how far you can go!

In this unique game that you will play as a multiplayer, you will encounter groups of other players from time to time. If other crowds are bigger than you, they will eat you! If your population is larger, you eat them and take over their population!

In this game, which is decorated with excellent graphics and effects, various power-ups are waiting for you to increase your speed and increase your audience. Moreover, very enjoyable music and sound effects too!

If you're ready to enjoy delicious food, let's get started!


Who can play?

Anyone who likes Among Us characters can play this enjoyable game. As simple as it is full of adventure and competition, this game is suitable for children and is an unblocked game. You can play wherever you want.


What does it gain me?

Eating has never been this fun. In this game, you will be able to eat delicious food without limits and learn to compete. As you play the game, you will see that you are strong against your enemies by increasing your hand and eye coordination and making better moves.


Tips and Tricks

- In the upper left corner of the screen, you can see how much population you and other players have.

- Try to unlock fifteen different skins that you can buy with money.

- You can reach the store where you can buy skins or coins by watching a video.

- In the game where you race against time, you can earn additional time by watching videos.


How to play?

Drag Mouse to Direct


Can I play online and for free on my computer?

Of course! You can play the game without having to download it. Play the game using your keyboard and mouse.

Now press the Play button and start this mysterious and exciting game as soon as possible.