Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends

This time, the field is the best basketball. Who's among the best? Here are some of them; Lebron James, Derrick Williams and Stephen Curry and more. To give you marvelous struggles against your friends with these amazing players, no more waiting! Call your friend, get to know your team and get ready to start challenging challenges!


Game controls:

1st player:

Routing: "W, A, S, D"

Super shot: "V"

Action / Shooting: "B"

Fake attack: "S"

Acceleration: "D" 2 consecutive times.


2nd player:

Orientation: "OK KEYS"

Super Shot: "K"

Action / Shooting: "L"

Fake attack: "ALT OK KEY"

Acceleration: "LEFT ARROW KEY" 2 consecutive times.


Have fun!

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