Fancade Rally Championship

An amazing car racing and drifting game is here for you. A fun experience is waiting for you with the pixel visuals in the style of the recently popular game Drive Mad. Click to try it right now!

What is waiting for me when I play Fancade Rally Championship?


Fancade Rally Championship, a fun car racing and drift adventure game experience is waiting for you.

The Drive Mad style, which has influenced the environment, has started to show its influence in racing games as well. In the game with colorful pixel appearance, you will strive to control your vehicle. In the game where you will be in a race with time, how many laps are you asked to go around the course? Hit the gas to leave as soon as possible! Drift on hard bends! It's only a matter of time before you lose control while drifting. If you want to spend time and have fun action-packed hours, here is the game you have been looking for. Let's try it!


Who can play the Fancade Rally Championship? Is it suitable for children?


Players of all ages who love pixel car racing and drift games can play Fancade Rally Championship. This game is suitable for children and is not blocked. 


Is the Fancade Rally Championship game played at school unblocked?


You can play with friends whether you are alone at home, at school or on the street. If you are at school, don't forget to ask permission from your teacher. If you are at home, you will enjoy it much more if you play after finishing your studies. If you are on the street, go to a safe place where you can relax and invite your friends to this unique race.


What does the Fancade Rally Championship get me?


Strengthens reflexes, increases hand-eye coordination and concentration. It strengthens your ability to make the right movements at the right time with quick movements when necessary.


How to play Fancade Rally Championship on web and mobile?


Movement: Arrow Keys
Mobile: Press the touch buttons on the screen.


Can I play Fancade Rally Championship online for free on my computer?


Of course! You can play the game without having to download it. Play the game using your keyboard and mouse. Even playing in full screen mode is much more enjoyable.


How about a crazy race with your friends? Start experimenting immediately. Do not lag behind the fun. Come on!