Drunken Duel

Prepare to shoot! You don't have time to sober up to do this. Just shoot and win! This is a truly extraordinary duel!


What awaits me playing Drunken Duel?

Drunken Duel is a simple physics-based duel game that you can play as 1 player or 2 players. You can't control the constantly moving arms of the drunk you guide in this fun and somewhat luck based game. All you have to do is to shoot just in time by following your movements in the best way!

Drunken Duel game with realistic physics has easy controls. This means that you can become a professional by learning the game easily. Excellent visual effects and sound effects also make this fun game even more fun!

At the beginning of the game, if you want to play the game yourself, you should choose 1 player mode, if you want to play with your friend, you should choose 2 player mode. When you choose 1 player mode, the computer matches you with a bot playing on random difficulty. If you want to play the game with your friend, choose 2 player mode. In 2 player mode, you and your friend can enjoy the game with keyboard control from a single screen.

In Drunken Duel, each game consists of five matches. You need to maintain your energy level to get points in each match. The first to reset the energy level loses. The winner of the five matches wins the game.


Who can play?

Drunken Duel is suitable for almost all ages. Although it has simple controls, it also requires thinking. This means that those who like to play games by thinking and reasoning will also enjoy this game. Drunken Duel is kid-friendly and unblocked game. You can play wherever you want.


What does it gain me?

Drunken Duel improves game control ability. When you play a game that can be played randomly, you will see that you can become professional. This actually applies to a lot of things we do in real life. Will you live your life casually or will you live your life in the best way by thinking and producing tactics? Maybe this game is a step for you to answer this question.


Tips and Tricks

- You're drunk on orange when playing in 1 player mode!
- While hitting your opponent may seem like luck, your direction is hugely important! You can shoot your opponent by shooting randomly, but when you master the physics of the game, you will dominate the duel with professional shots.
- Check your energy level constantly.
- You can knock your opponent down in one go by hitting him in the head.
- Once you shoot the lamp and blow it up, you're in a duel in the dark!


How to play?

1 Player Mod:
Up Arrow Key – Attack

2 Player Mod:
W and Up Arrow Key - Attack


Can I play online and for free on my computer?

Of course! You can play the game via your web browser wherever you have internet without having to download the game. Play the game using your keyboard and mouse. Hit the play button and start controlling your drunk player! Good luck and good tactics!