Flipper Master 3D

What would you call a game of artistic gymnastics? Anyway! This isn't exactly a game. Lots of acrobatics and lots of adrenaline! Maybe you will find yourself doing artistic moves in the following levels?


What awaits me while playing Flipper Master 3D?

Flipper Master 3D is a richly simulated 3D sports game full of acrobatics and adrenaline.

The Gym, The Mountain, The City, The FunHouse, The Factory, The Ship, The Island, The Hounted House, Space has ten different, adrenaline-rich, and perfect levels that require plenty of strategy. Each chapter consists of locked levels. To move on to each section, you must have successfully completed the previous section.

You must complete the levels one by one by successfully performing your bronze, silver and gold level jumps and a special instruction specific to each level. It is possible to move to the next level when you complete a few tasks. At such a point, if you wish, you can return to the previous level and perform the remaining tasks.

It is your choice whether the somersaults you need to do to be successful are from the front or the back. Are you more confident in a front somersault or a backflip? The choice is yours! These alone are not enough. You have to have your own ways to win, maybe even cheats.


What does it gain me?

While playing Flipper Master 3D gymnastics game, you will find yourself; “How can I best perform body movements such as jumping, jumping, balancing, bouncing and jumping for a successful jump?” you ask the question. Thus, your brain begins to make mathematical calculations of all these movements. In addition to contributing to hand coordination, it also improves your ability to plan, calculate and act.


Who can play Flipper Master 3D?

Relying on the power of mind and thought, here's a simple and fun racing game, Flipper Master 3D is a kids-friendly and unblocked racing game. You can play at home or at school.


How to play?

Left Mouse Button or Space – Allows you to somersault by holding down and releasing


Can I play online and for free on my computer?

Certainly! You can play the game without having to download it. Play the game using your keyboard and mouse.


Let's get ready, let's go to a challenging fun with you!