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Tactics Core io

    Tactics Core io, this game allows you to take part in high-tech multiplayer battles. Before you start fighting, you can choose from one of the different battleships like a roll, a javelin, a muffler and a manta. Each unit has different statistics and weapons.

    You either play as a blue or red team and you must defend your base by entering the open field to face the enemies in the battle, trying to destroy their bases. You can work with your teammates and use strategies to defeat your enemies. While destroying enemy units, XP wins and levels. You can purchase new and improved units and upgrades when upgrading your level. Each unit has a standard attack and a special ability. Make sure you turn both the flow of war in favor by using both. Can you help your team triumph and destroy the enemy command center? Have fun!


Game controls:

WASD to move

Left click to shoot

1 to use special skill


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