2 Player Among Soccer

A very enjoyable football game from Hihoy Games! Famous 2D cartoon character, you will love this interesting and fun sports game played with Among Us!


What awaits me playing Two Player Among Soccer?

Two Player Among Soccer is a fun 2 -dimensional football game with simple controls. Wearing a cumbersome astronaut outfit and ready to play football, your favorite sport.

Get ready to exhibit all the talents you can do with football ball in this unique football game where you can play in 1 player and 2 player modes! Let the limited maneuverability not allow you to be the loser in this war. Because your opponent has the same features. You should win the game by scoring more goals for your opponent in a limited time. You have 690 Sanyes to score as much goals as possible and win the game! Good luck!


Who can play?

Anyone who loves football game and loves Among US characters can spend a perfect time by playing Two Player Among Soccer. This game, which is as simple as it is, is suitable for children and is an unprecedented game. You can play wherever you want.


What does it give me?

You can enjoy winning with limited movements. Isn't that what's important? Learn to try to do the best by doing the right maneuver and movements at the right time.


Tips and Tricks

- Click when the time comes to the bonuses that will slow down the opponent in the right corner of the screen!

- Watch out for time! When the time is over, everything ends!

- You have to score more goals than your opponent, even if you have a number.


How to play?

1 player


Use Arrow Keys to Move

Use the Space Key to Kick


2 Players

Player 1:

Use the Wasd Mark To Move

Use Space Or S Key to Kick


Player 2:

Use Arrow Keys to Move

Use Down Arrow Key or P to Kick


Can I play online and free of charge on my computer?

Of course! You can play without having to download the game. Play the game using the keyboard and mouse.

Now press the Play key and start this exciting football game as soon as possible.