Police Chase Motorbike Driver

If you want to play an enjoyable driving game, Police Chase Motorbike Driver is for you! Press the play button and start this fast ride!

What awaits me when I play Police Chase Motorbike Driver?

Police Chase Motorbike Driver is an action packed game with super controls, powerful and piercing weapons. You will encounter 7 engines with different characteristics from each other. You can access the starting engine for free. You will see that the next engines are paid. In order for you to choose other engines, you must start the mission with a free engine and collect the coins in the game to accumulate the money that you will receive from the engines.

There are items that you need to collect in the game. You can see the locations of these items on the map. Keep an eye on the map because the map will help you a lot.

Some of the images on the map will be on a huge hamburger or on the maintenance of your engine. Find and get what you need. Keep your gas tank under surveillance.

When you meet criminals, it's obvious what you need to do. Take care of your life and protect your city from evil in order to become the legendary hero of the city.


Who can play Police Chase Motorbike Driver?

Police Chase Motorbike Driver is a challenging and fun driving game that can be played by people of all ages and anywhere you want. It is suitable for children.


Do you play Police Chase Motorbike Driver at school?

Of course, you can play the Police Chase Motorbike Driver game at school, at home and on the street. All you have to do is get permission from your teachers if you are at school, finish your tasks if you are at home, and move to a safe zone if you are on the street. After that, you can enjoy the unblocked driving game either alone or with your friends.

What does the Police Chase Motorbike Driver game bring me?

A police engine driving game contributes to the development of hand and eye coordination. It helps you to focus and act decisively, while allowing you to move forward systematically. It strengthens your mental perception. It provides fast and agile motion control.


How to play Police Chase Motorbike Driver on the web?

Scroll in directions with the WASD keys.

Aim with the left mouse click.

Shoot with the right click of your mouse.

Click the F key to get on the engine.


Can I play online and on a computer?

Yes! You can play the game online without downloading it. You can play using your keyboard and mouse. You can even play in full screen mode in a much more enjoyable way.


Tips and tricks

- Be sure to follow the map. It will make your job easier.

-When moving fast, you should not hit any objects around. This lowers the level in your energy bar.

-Do not get cold and collect all the items and money that can be collected. You will need each of them.


Take action now and hit the "play" button for thrilling police motor driving pleasure where you will protect your city!