Space Prison Escape 2

Space Prison Escape 2, in the first adventure, our heroes, who managed to escape from the prison of aliens, travel to Earth with a spacecraft they find. But the alien enemies won't let them go, and the spaceships are surrounded by aliens! This time they are sent to a different kind of prison on a different planet!

The current prison is much bigger and protected by more guards. In the new prison some passageways are provided with irradiation portals. Your aim is to collect diamonds and rubies on the one hand and reach the exit doors without getting caught by the guards. If you can successfully complete 20 chapters, you can reach the spacecraft that will take you back to Earth. Have fun!

Game Controls:


Player 1: WASD and F (Besides, you can jump double and you can hang on the walls)
Player 2: ARROW KEYS and KL



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