Zombie Mission 3

Zombie Mission 3

Zombie Mission excitement continues with the third part of the series. You must rescue the hostages and data discs with information that is important to humanity from the zombies that have taken over various areas. You must be wary of the traps set by intelligent zombies. You have to cooperate with your friend to solve puzzles and defuse enemies! In the 3rd series of the game, try the newly added ice gun to stop the firing enemies! Because you can only stop them by freezing. You can also use 8 types of weapons against other dangers in the chapters. In addition, in the new series of the game in the 8th and 16th chapters of the giant Zombie Boss'lar will also appear! Solve all the puzzles and fight for the salvation of humanity. Have fun!

Game controls:

Player 1:
Move: W,A,S,D
Hit: F
Jump: W (Walk on the wall)
Switch weapon: Q

Player 2:
Hit: L
Jump: UP ARROW KEY (Walk on the wall)
Grenade: K
Switch weapon: U


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