Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem

Are you ready for an exciting escape with Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem, the latest game in the best and most beloved zombie game series of all time? Prepared for fans of fun and action, this game invites you to the exciting world of zombie escape!

What awaits me when I play Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem?

Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem is a computer game that uses rich visual effects. it offers you action-packed hours where you will enjoy fighting on 20 different levels.
The game offers 3 difficulty levels. You can start the game by choosing one of the easy, hard and extreme options. Players must support each other and reach the door at the end using hints. Each episode will have a tough fight waiting for the players who will encounter different obstacles and enemies.
In this fun escape game, the goal is to rescue innocent people who have been taken prisoner. For this, the player has to do. He must collect all the gold that will be collected. There are instructions on the question-marked sheets to guide you. It should be carefully studied and applied. He should pay attention to the steps leading up and down. It should reach the desired location without falling over it. Some steps are hidden. There are buttons to reveal it, but there must be a constant weight on it. He must reveal the steps that are hidden by pushing the nearby weight on the button. Different monsters will appear as the chapters progress. He must kill them by collecting weapons. He can also destroy monster-producing mechanisms with the help of weapons. Of course, it's not easy to fight insect monsters on the one hand while zombies are going at them. In order to overcome it, our advice is that you play with your friends in cooperation with the 2p option.


Who can play Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem?

Every player who loves zombie escape game can play it. Those who like action, escape and war games can find the pleasure they are looking for in this game.


Is the Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem game played at school unblocked?

You can play Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem for free and unblocked, whether you're bored at home or at school. Of course, with the permission of your teachers, provided that you do not disrupt your classes. You can play with your friends and have a lot of fun with the 2p option offered to you in the game.


What does Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem bring me?

When you play Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem, you need to pay all your attention to the game, so you strengthen your attention and reflexes. Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem, an escape game that you both enjoy and get excited about, teaches you to think fast and act fast on the internet and in real life.


How to play Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem on the web?

Player 1:

Move: "W,A,S,D"
Hits: "F"
Grenade: "G"
Jump: "W" (Walk on the wall)
Switch weapon: "Q-E"

Player 2:

Hits: "L"
Grenade: "K"
Jump: "UP ARROW KEY" (Walk on the wall)
Switch weapon: "O-P"

Can I play online and for free on my computer?

Of course! You can play the game without having to download it. Play the game using your keyboard and mouse. Play in a much more enjoyable way, even in full-screen mode.

Now press the Play key and start this exciting escape game as soon as possible.
Let's get started !


Tips and tricks

* Anticipate hazards and prepare for them early.
• Follow the instructions marked with a question without fail.
• You are also racing with time, never stop and look back.
• Collect every weapon to get rid of obstacles and monsters.