Orange Jet Fİghter 3D
3.64 (72.76%) 105

It is so wonderful game : Orange Jet Fighter. At this game which we can give ten points in terms of visual, gameplay and scenario has many different tasks. You must be a good pilot at this simulation game in which you will use an orange jet alone. You will become a pilot at the angle of the camera both inside and outside and you will experience a real simulation. At this game you will fight against enemy planes by yourself. You can use lewis-gun and guided missile in the plane. Thanks to missiles which lock on and don’t give up following you will be advantageous against enemies and you don’t have to fight only. At this game you will encounter different tasks at every section. You must pass in a narrow gateway between mountains but you must pass there one by one.

Play : 2456 Plays

Date : 30 August 2016

Plugins For Game : Adobe Shockwave Player