Piano for Kids
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Piano for Kids Game, invites children to very enjoyable and audio media with colorful interface. By means of this game children can both learn syllable and recognize the sounds of animals. Children will both learn the sounds and develop their skills. Morever at ‘Piano for Kids Game‘ there are these instruments such as:
– Quitar allows acoustic string sounds.
– Violin allows you to creat sounds.
– Piano allows you to show your skills with your fingers.
– Flute allows you to creat sounds blown generated.
– 4 Selectable songs.
– Natural sounds tone the sounds of animals in the nature.

You can tone the sounds of duck, cow, dog, elephant, lion, cat, goat and horse. Go on following us for Hihoy Music Games. By means of educative games you can support your 2 to 8 years old children’s development appealing multiple sensory organ.

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Date : 18 January 2015

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