Cargo Shipment Chicago
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At the new governance game, you will undertake the task of warehouse officer of cargo company. As you hand over the cargos to the warehouse, you will earn the money. You must pay some money to build warehouse. As you build many warehouses , you will earn much. After a while, there will have no place to build warehouse. So you will start to go to other sides of the country. Inch by inch you will fill the whole city with cargo warehouses. If your warehouses aren’t enough and the cargos waste, your failure will start. The amount of your money is shown at the top of the game screen. When your money finishes, you will have no chance to buy warehouse. The points of the warehouse have been defined before. I mean you have no chance to put a warehouse on a place as you want.

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Date : 17 May 2016

Plugins For Game : Adobe Shockwave Player