Gunblood 2

Gunblood 2

Gunblood 2 is in an addictive western shootout. The mission of the game is to be the best musketeer by defeating all marksmen in one-to-one armed clashes. Place your mouse over the weapon compartment, wait 3 seconds, and when the countdown reaches "FIRE" Far, shoot your opponent as fast as you can. Have fun!

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Type codes into the “CHEAT” box located on the character select screen

” M O R E A M M O “________Unlimited Ammo

” F A S T F I R E “__________Will Make You The Most Fast Shooter

” P O I N T E R “____________Gives A Laser Pointer To The Gun

” N O H I T “_______________Invincible Mode

Leve 1__Cheat Code – LEVEL1

Leve 2__Cheat Code – LEVEL2

Leve 3__Cheat Code – LEVEL3

Leve 4__Cheat Code – LEVEL4

Leve 5__Cheat Code – LEVEL5

Leve 6__Cheat Code – LEVEL6

Leve 7__Cheat Code – LEVEL7

Leve 8__Cheat Code – LEVEL8

Leve 9__Cheat Code – LEVEL9

Bonus 1__Cheat Code – BONUS1

Bonus 2__Cheat Code – BONUS2

Bonus 3__Cheat Code – BONUS3

Bonus 4__Cheat Code – BONUS4

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