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Minecraft Tower Defense

Be ready for feeling the excitement which you have never felt at the Tower Defense Games before. The game can be seen simple but don't stumble exactly! We are sure that this game will be your most favourite game. Then Let's start! When you start the game, you must dig a road which will reach to your house. You can do it with "Mouse" and "Left Mouse Button". We suggest you to dig the road roundabout way. That you create strategic points during digging makes your defense easy. After digging the road, click the point where you want to place your tower by the roadside and select the tower. Also you see another Game Guides. If you are ready for attacks, click "SKIP" button at the right bottom of the game window. Then start the attack with "BEGIN WAVE" button. If you want to accelerate the game, you can do it with "SPEED UP" button. At the same time you can place defense weapons such as cactuses, water, lava and TNT on the road. We suggest you not to set TNT bombs near your towers. Otherwise when TNT bombs explode, your tower can also be destroyed.