Time Shooter

Time Shooter, the fan-made game of the world-famous Superhot game, which attracts attention with its innovative interpretations, is just as action-packed and enjoyable as it is! It invites you to its unique world.


What awaits me while playing Time Shooter?

Time Shooter is a fan-made version of Superhot, an indie first-person shooter developed and published by Superhot Team. Just like its original version, the game is similar to strategy video games, although it follows traditional first-person shooter game mechanics. The reason is this: As the player tries to eliminate the enemies using weapons, the time in the game only moves at normal speed when the player moves. This gives the player the opportunity to evaluate their situation in slow motion and respond in the best possible way.

Time Shooter has unique gameplay simulation, minimalist graphics and realistic physics in the damage done to the enemies as well. In the game where time moves at normal speed only as you move, you will see your enemies move in slow motion as soon as you stop. So you can stop and decide which move is best for you next.

When the target enemy is determined and fired, other enemies aim at your current location and shoot. You have to avoid the bullets moving in slow motion. You can knock down each of your enemies at once with the right time and the right hit.


Who can play Time Shooter? Is it suitable for children?

Every player who likes action-packed gun games can play. In addition to its simple appearance, Time Shooter, which attracts almost every player with its extraordinary structure, is suitable for children and is unhindered. You can play at home after completing the homework, at school with the permission of your teachers, or on the street.


What does it gain me?

While playing Time Shooter, you are alone and surrounded by enemies. What should you do in such a situation? Defend yourself, exercise your mind, decide what you have to do and take action! All these will teach you how to act in the face of events that you are worried about in real life.


Tips and Tricks

- You are the one who manages the time, if you want the time to flow fast, it is enough to act. If you want time to slow down, just wait and do nothing!

- When you shoot at an enemy, move away from where you are because the bullets from all other enemies' guns will come towards you.

- You can hide behind columns to avoid the bullets fired by your enemies.

- As the levels progress, the game becomes unbelievably difficult, although not much has changed in sight!



How to play?

WASD keys – Move

Mouse Left Click – Shoot / Throw Weapon

Mouse Right Click – Pick Up Weapon



Can I play online and for free on my computer?

Yeah! You can play Time Shooter without having to download it. Play the game using your keyboard and mouse. Moreover, play in full screen mode in a much more enjoyable way.


Hit the “Play” button and enjoy this gunplay that is as attractive as you can find in very few games!