Top Guns Io

If you want to play an enjoyable battle royale game, Top Guns Io is for you! Hit the play button and start this fun challenge!


What awaits me while playing Top Guns Io?

Top Guns IO is a fun game with super controls, powerful and piercing weapons and unique heroes that can be played online and offline. Top Guns Io with different game modes includes multiple maps with unique gameplay. You fight to survive in a limited area and be the last player standing.

There are 7 different characters in Top Guns Io game. These characters are characters with very different special powers from each other. In order to choose the character you want and continue on your way, you must pass the levels and reach the required number of gold for the character. It will be fun to fight with your master characters, each one more than the next. Stronger character means easier victory!

When it comes to wargames, the strength of their weapons is always important. 12 different weapons await you in Top Guys IO. But in order to reach each one, you must pass the level set for each weapon and have enough gold.

If you are killed, a box will appear on the screen and ask "Respawn?" asks the question. If you can collect enough gold, you are lucky. Because as you know, respawn; means that a game character comes back to life after death. Thus, you have the chance to continue the game from where you left off. The 3-5 gold coins you will give for this is no use, is it?

While playing the first 5 levels in 'Deathmatch' mode, you can switch to Battle Royale Mode after Level 5!


What is a Battle Royale game?

These games, named after the Japanese movie Battle Royale from 2000, are quite common today. Battle royale are games based on survival. The player starts the game with a small number of equipment and increases his equipment as he progresses through the game and eliminates his opponents. Meanwhile, the playing field is narrowing. In these games, which continue until the last player remains, the victory belongs to the last player.


Who can play?

Top Guns IO is a challenging and enjoyable war game that can be played by people of all ages and wherever you want. This game suitable for children; When you finish your lessons and have free time, you can play at home, at school with the permission of your teachers, on the street where you gather to spend time with your friends, almost anywhere.


What does it gain me?

Top Guns IO, which is a war game, therefore includes a lot of competition. It increases the competitiveness with this level of competition, which is necessary for us in real life. In addition, it contributes to the development of hand and eye coordination. While it enables you to proceed in a systematic way, it helps you to focus and move decisively. It strengthens your mental perception.


Tips and Tricks

- Don't forget to get the daily rewards set for you, this will add luck to your luck!

- Do not forget to follow and use the rewards (health upgrade, increase damage, increased projectile range) given to you in the game.

- When you kill your opponent who has a stronger weapon, you will have the opportunity to earn a larger amount of gems.

- Act quickly and agile so you don't leave the loot left by the opponent you killed to another player!

- You can pass the levels faster by collecting the pink jewels.


How to play?

ARROW Keys – Move
Space – Shoot
Mouse Left Click – Click to get rewards and aids that appear on the screen


Can I play online and on the computer?

Yeah! You can play the game online without downloading. You can play using your keyboard and mouse. You can even play it in full screen mode in a much more enjoyable way.


Act now and hit the "play" button for a super fun battle!